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Thank you for purchasing our product. Observe the warnings on the machine and manual strictly and properly keep the manual. Do not operate the UPS before read safety notes and operation instructions.


Chapter 1 Safety Introduction. 4

1.1 Description of the Symbols 4

1.2 Safety Notes 4

Chapter 2 Product introduction. 6

2.3 UPS appearance. 7

2.3.1 Front panel 7

2.3.2 Rear panel 8

2.4 Specification. 10

2.4.1 Electric specification. 10

2.4.2 Measurement and Weight 10

2.4.3Environmental 11

2.4.4 EMC. 11

Chapter 3 Installation. 12

3.1 Unfold checking. 12

3.2 Wiring cable. 12

3.3 Procedure of UPS cable connection. 13

3.5 Connected to the computer interface. 15

3.6 Installation of intelligence card. 15

3.7.3 Operation instruction. 16

3.9 Maintenance of the switch. 16

3.9.1 Dust-proof networkoptional... 17

Chapter 4 Operation. 18

4.1 Operation panel 18

4.1.1 ON/OFF button. 18

4.1.2 Function button. 19





4.1.3 LED operation panel explanation. 19

4.1.4 Led panel led indicate. 20

4.2 Power 20

4.2.1 Utility power 20

4.2.2 DC without utility power 21

4.3 Shutdown. 21

4.4 LED panel light and display. 22

4.5 LCD Panel light and display : 24

4.6 LCD panel lcd display content 25

Chapter 5 Maintenance. 27

5.1 Maintenance. 27

5.2 Battery maintenance. 27

6.1 LED Panel trouble shooting. 28

6.2 LCD panel trouble shooting. 29

Appendix A Rack mounted battery pack. 30

Appendix B intelligent slot (Optional) 31

Warranty. 32

Chapter 1 Safety Introduction

1.1 Description of the Symbols

All of the symbols as listed in the table below maybe used in this manual .This symbols are used for reminding users of safety notes for installation, operation ,and maintain.

Symbol & Description




Danger electric shock

Alternating current(AC)

Direct current(DC)

Protective ground


Do not dispose with ordinary trash

           1.2 Safety Notes

1.Read this manual carefully and thoroughly before operation the UPS and save this manual properly for reference.

2. When operating,please pay attention to all the alarming marks and operate in required.

3. Avoid direct sunlight, rain, or in a wet environment to use this equipment

4.This UPS can not be installed near the  heat source area, or an electric heater, furnace and other similar equipment .

5.When placing UPS,leave a distance around to ensure ventilation. When installing,please refer to the instructions

6.Wipe with dry goods when cleaning.

7. In the event of fire occurring in the vicinity, please use dry powder fire extinguishers. The use of liquid fire extinguishing agents cause electric shock.

1.3 Electric safety

1. Before power, make sure is properly grounded, and check the wiring and the battery polarity is connected correctly

2. When the UPS need to move or re-wiring, disconnect the AC input power and to ensure that UPS is completely shut down, otherwise the output may still be charged, and there is the risk of electric shock

3. Please use our attachments and accessories specified.

4. To comply with EMC requirements, UPS's output line length should be within 10 meters

1.4 Battery safety

1. Battery life shorten with arising ambient temperature. Replace battery regularly can ensure it works and to ensure adequate back-up time.

2. Battery maintenance only be operated by professional personel who have barrtey knowledge.

3. There is risk of electric shock and short circuit the battery current danger. To avoid electric shock injury accident in the replacement battery, please observe the following warning:

A. Do not wear watches, rings or similar metal objects

B. Use insulated tools

C.Wear rubber boots and gloves

D. Do not put metal tools or similar metal parts on the battery

E. Before the separation of the battery connection terminals,you must first disconnect the load on the battery.

4.. Do not expose of batteriy to the fire, they may explode.and endanger safety

5. Non-professionals do not open or mutilate the battery, because batteries contains electrolyte acid and other hazardous substances, which will cause skin and eye damage. If you accidentally come into contact with the electrolyte, wash with plenty of water immediately and go to the hospital

6. Do not short the positive and negative of the battery electrode, otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire.

 1.5 Maintenance

1. Method of using the environment and save the life and reliability of this product have an impact,do not work in the following environments:

A. Exceed the specfications (temperature 0 ~ 40, relative humidity 20% ~ 90%) of the high and low temperatures and wet places

B. Vibration or shocks places

C. Metallic dust, corrosive substances, salt and flammable gases

2. If the extended period of time is not used, must be UPS (without batteries) stored in a dry environment, the storage temperature range: -25 ~ +55. UPS power, you must warm up the ambient temperature above 0 and keep 2 hours


Chapter 2 Product introduction

2.1 Product introduction

This series of UPS is an advanced on-line uninterruptible power supply sine wave,with bypass maintenance switch and parallel redundant functions. It can provide reliable, high-quality AC power for your precision equipment. It can be widely used from computer equipment ,communication systems to industrial automation equipment. Because of its on-line design, different from the reserve-type UPS, constantly adjusting its input voltage, filter.When the utility power break off, it will have no time to break from the backup battery to provide backup power. In the case of overload or inverter failure, UPS will switch to bypass mode, the utility power supply. If the elimination of overload, UPS will automatically switch back to inverter power supply status.

  Any of the above models, is divided into Standard and Professional Edition for users to choose.Professional, relative to the Standard Edition, increases EPO switch, manual maintenance bypass switch.

2.2 Model type

This  series  UPS model  type  show  below.

         (3)  (x)K [S] [R] [X]

         (3)  With 3 means three phase input ,or  single phase input。

         (x)  means capacity of ups, 1, 2, 3 for this manual product.  K  means capacity of UPS, KVA

[S]     With S means Long backup time type , UPS can connect with external batteries. And without S means ups is standard backup time type.

[R]      With R means Rack mounted, without R is Tower mounted.

         [X]     With X means LCD display panel  and without X means LED display panel.





6KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, with inner batteries


6KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, external   batteries


10KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, with inner batteries


6KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, external batteries


10KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, external batteries


15KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, external batteries


20KVA UPS, RACK OR TOWER, LED OR LCD, external batteries

noteFor C6KR,C10KR, battery pack needed, please refer to appendix A。


2.3 UPS appearance

2.3.1 Front panel



1    Computer Interface

2    Intelligent slot

3    Fan

4    Parallel card cover ( optional )

5     Input breaker

6     Maintain switch cover, ( Maintain switch is optional )

7     Wire terminal cover

8   Wire fix

9   EPO (Optional)

2.4 Specification

2.4.1 Electric specification










Power Rating







Wire method

Single phrase or three phase & earth ground

Rated Voltage



Rated Freq


Voltage Range


Frequency Range


Bypass Range



Rated Bat Voltage

192VDCOptional   240V

Battery capacity*Quantity

12VDC*16Optional 20節)





Output system

Single phrase & earth ground

Output voltage


Output frequency

46-54HzLine normal

50Hz±1%Line abnormal

Dynamic voltage transient range


Dynamic transient restore

< 60ms


Sine Wave THD<3%(linear load) Sine Wave THD<8%(nonlinear   load)

Input power factor


Overload capability

105-125% 30s to bypass


RS232(turn to 485), Intelligent slot

2.4.2 Measurement and Weight


Size W*H*D(mm)

wight (kg)




























2.4.3 Environmental


Normal range

Ambient temperature

10℃~ +40℃

Environment humidity

0~90%,no condensation


Lower than 1000m: no derating

Over 1000m :1% derating for every 100m rise

Storage temperature


2.4.4 EMC


















  • 電話:010-57011024
  • 傳真:010-57157294
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